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Exchange to
Office 365 Migration

    For Exchange to Office 365 migrations, O365Backup can pretty much move it all. From your basic email, calendar and contacts data to email signature blocks, rules and calendar permissions, we’ll make transitioning your customers from the Microsoft Exchange Server to Outlook 365 easy and low-risk. Plus, we handle every version of Exchange: 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.
    As a 100% partner-focused company, we built our solution to help IT partners deliver customer value, reduce complexity and increase sales velocity. O365Backup complements technical teams to create the easiest way to migrate SMB customers from Exchange to Office 365.

Office 365 Migration

    For POP3/IMAP to Office 365 migrations, O365Backup Server Sync and O365Backup Outlook Assistant work together to migrate both server-side and client-side data, including contacts, calendars, email categories, and more. Migration tools that focus on moving only server-side data miss valuable information stored only on the client in POP3 and IMAP email environments. The O365Backup Migration Suite automates the entire migration, regardless of where the data is stored, eliminating manual effort to move client-side data, settings, and profiles to ensure customers feel right at home when they get to Office 365.

to Office 365 Migration

    O365Backup can ensure an easy, automated transition from Google to Office 365. From Gmail and Google Calendar to labels and contacts, we’ll get you to Outlook 365 faster and with less risk.

    O365Backup Server Sync is optimized to reduce the impact of Google data transfer limits. O365Backup technology also helps you provide the best transition from Google’s Email Label organizational structure by giving you the option to map the migrating mail to either folders or categories in Outlook, whatever is best for your customer.

    Technical teams around the world choose O365Backup as the easiest way to migrate SMB customers from Google Apps to Office 365. Learn what our tools can do for your customers.
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