Ultimate Backup Plan

The Recycle Bin only holds onto content for up to 90 Days. It can’t help if your Recycle Bin is emptied or if your files are corrupted or overwritten.

SLAs Aren’t Accident-Proof

A lot can be lost in just a few clicks inside Office 365. Native protection isn’t enough to protect you from accidental deletion, file corruption, or an accidental overwrite.

Complete Office 365 Protection

Feel like you’re making the most of Office 365? Don’t forget about a backup solution for SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, and Groups. Get an all-in-one solution!

Storage on Your Terms

Choose to securely store your Office 365 backup data in our scalable Azure Storage, your own private cloud, or in a data center with a vendor of your choice.

Offline Restore

Whether you need to access data immediately or maintain an offline copy, we’ve got you covered. Restore content directly to your file system or export your mail conversations as a PST.

Simple Searching

Filter content based on properties—including content type, owner, date created, file size, parent list name, parent folder name, email subject, date sent, and more.

Office 365 Backup and Recovery

To ensure your Office 365 data is secure, we’ll run backups up to four times* a day. Every day. Recover anytime you want without having to pick up the phone or schedule restore windows.